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About the Artist
       Facing a mountain may seem insurmountable to some, but with a change of approach or path, the mountain becomes an exciting challenge worthy of pursuit.
       In the spring of 2007, I was diagnosed with the incurable illness, Multiple Sclerosis. I now faced a new “mountain” in my life. Due to this mountain I lost my job, my insurance, and my home. That’s when I decided to face my mountain with a new attitude.  I am using art to climb over it.
        I have been an artist all my life. I’ve always enjoyed working in the fields of the visual arts; especially painting, calligraphy, and pattern design. After my diagnosis, I began working with friends dealing with illnesses similar to mine. I designed a specialized quilt for those who have limited mobility, and may even need to use a wheelchair.
        I came up with a unique design that is easy to cut, assemble, and complete in as little as a few days. The size and weight make it easy to use and carry. The feedback from the recipients of these quilts has been positive. A little boy who asked for a quilt with horses in the pattern said, “it’s nice and warm.”
        Since December 2008, I have sent these special quilts to friends in Wisconsin and across the United States, as well as to England and Australia. In July 2009, I sent ten quilts to a missions program in the country of Peru, South America, where they were distributed to those with illness or disease.
        I’m climbing a new path up this mountain, and it’s bringing me new opportunities to fulfill my dream. This path I’m on is worth every step I take -- or stitch, in my case.
                                           -- Yvonne J. Fercy
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